Installing flash player on Raspberry Pi

We all want to do stuff like play youtube videos and such, but due to the closed source of adobe flash, we are unable to do this on the raspberry pi. We’re all in luck tho, the open source alternative named Gnash is here to save the day! Here is the two commands you need to open to get flash player working in Midori, which is the default web browser in raspberry pi.

First, open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install gnash

sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash

and close out of terminal, then make sure you restart your browser if you have it open. Then go have fun with watching your youtube videos. Easy as that :P

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27 Responses to Installing flash player on Raspberry Pi

  1. rk4 says:

    thanks you so much!!!

  2. andi says:

    witch terminal ?

  3. Duddy Schmitt says:

    well, I have just heard of this great little concept of Raspberry-Pi, which is probably easy to use, IF you are a LINUX expert. And I am willing to learn LINUX, but I have absolutely no programming skills. Because Youtube tutorials are such a great tool for learning I don’t understand why there is no flash type plug-in included in Midori!

    • cae2100 says:

      flash and flash plugins use ALOT of memory and cpu cycles, so they dont put them in by default in any browser to make everything run at max speed from the start. Also, they dont include by default due to liscensing restrictions.

      Also, Ive discovered that if your just going to do stuff on youtube, using the raspberry pi, it seems to run more smoothly running xbmc distro like openelec than running through midori.

      I found that alot of the stuff in linux isnt really that hard to learn, just need to learn about apt-get stuff, .configure/make/sudo make install, sudo, and stuff like that, just basic stuff imo. They have pretty much every programming language out there for linux that you can think of, and most, once you get the basic setup of stuff, it’s more or less just reading it like a book, but with keywords instead. For a starter programming language if you really wanted to get into programming, I’d recommend python. Its easy to learn, has tons plugins so you can do anything with it, and there’s tons of tutorial videos to learn it. I’d look on youtube for thenewboston and watch his videos, they’re the most complete and easy to understand tutorials that Ive seen.

  4. Duddy Schmitt says:

    I appreciate your suggestions and I am going to follow them to get started to use the Raspberry Pi more efficiently.

  5. SDSE78 says:

    What happens when the browser says the the plug-in is out of date? I followed your instructions, but Chromium is throwing me that message every time I refresh a page on YouTube. Any ideas?

    • cae2100 says:

      it may be the plugin for chromium is out of date, and not using gnash, or it could just be not updated in a while. I dont use the rpi for watching videos on youtube, just stuff like server stuff, and programming/robotics stuff anymore, so Im not really sure tbh. Also, I dont use chromium because it seemed to run a bit slow for me, if I really need to look stuff up, I just use netsurf even tho flash/java wont run on it, but it’s mega fast for the rpi. videos, I just use my good laptop.

  6. Savanna says:

    When I try to do it, it does a bunch of stuff, then it says “E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with –fix-missing?” What does this mean? do I need to update something?

    • cae2100 says:

      try doing “sudo apt-get update” on the command prompt, and if that doesnt fix it, try “sudo apt-get install –fix-missing”. After you do those two, try running the install command again and it should install fine.

  7. mike says:

    I cannot play youtube videos after doing this it all went well with the install but the video does not start playing

    • cae2100 says:

      what does it do? does it lag really bad, or are you just getting a black/white box? The black/white box, Ive gotten that before, but it was an issue with stuff not being up to date.
      Also, you may need to wait a minute or two till it fully loads to get it to play.

      • W Sanders says:

        Very very slow. You may need to wait as much as 5 min with a 1080p display …

      • cae2100 says:

        yea, I dont honestly use it on my rpi due to it being so slow, I just use it on my laptop. If I wanted to play stuff like youtube videos and such, I use xbmc on it, and it plays it at full speed, even at 1080p.

        Also you have to remember that the rpi has the processing power equivalent to a 400Mhz pentium II, and only has 700Mhz processor usually with limited memory, so of course it’ll be slow on demanding things like flash, which even on normal PCs, turn on a streaming video, and look at your task manager’s CPU usage and memory usage on the web browser. It’ll be quite a bit higher than normal. My laptop’s cpu usually runs at 80-90% minimum when watching streaming video, so you put it on a system that’s much slower, it’s to be expected.

  8. Jamie says:

    404 file not found

  9. Will Timmins says:

    THNX u r lifesaver!

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  11. Gooby Pls says:

    ta’ very much!

  12. Scotty says:

    Thanks…seems to try but never plays…sits spinning.

    • cae2100 says:

      I dont think anyone really uses flash on the rpi anymore tbh, flash is more or less a dying streaming medium and is being thrown under the bus in exchange for html5. I just keep the info up in case anyone wants to try it out.

      If you really want to watch youtube videos and ones from various streaming sites, I just use xbmc, it’ll play them for you without any issue.

      Also, I had that issue when I first tried it, but after a reboot, it seemed to have fixed itself.

  13. Zauldy says:

    Thanks for your help. flash now works in Madori on my PI!

  14. Stewart says:

    Sorry but not able to get it working. But have used both OpenELEC and Raspbmc from the NOOBS card and both work perfectly. Hope this of help to those still struggling.
    Have used 720 and 1080 on an LGFullHD TV M2232 with Model B RPi and very pleased with results. Both use XBMC which use the OMXPlayer. Never looked back.

  15. I did this on my XBMC, flash on the stock browser still don’t work…. Any ideas?

    • cae2100 says:

      Im honestly not even sure anymore, I havnt really tried installing flash on the rpi in ages. All I can really say is just restart the rpi and/or uninstall and reinstall the gnash plugins. Ive also seen a few other open source alternatives but no idea how well they work, I remember one being decent, lightning something.

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