16F628A pinout and basic stuff


here is the pinout of the 16F628A PIC chip, VDD is +5v only, VSS is ground, MCLR is reset pin, just tie that to +5v.

when you open microcode studio, just select the 16f628a from the dropdown box at the top, and write your code.

to use PortA as digital and not the analog comparators, which is what you use for robotics and such, add this to the top of your code.

Just copy/paste it at the top.

@ __config _XT_OSC & _BODEN_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _PWRTE_OFF & _LVP_OFF

The 7805 regulators, looking at the front of it, the pinout going from left to right is

1. input, 2. ground, 3. +5v regulated out.

You’ll need the mplabs stuff installed to use that stuff, when you go to compile the code, it’ll try to autofind it.

In all, the programs that should be installed are picbasic pro, microcode studio, and mplab, and the programmer software.

here’s the basic layout for the pic chips with the crystal and capacitors, the capacitors for the crystals are labeled 22 for 22pf, and are the smaller ones, the 104 ones are 0.1uf and used for power filtering.

index index2

just dont worry about the diode on the 7805, it’s added to add more current as an output, and the 330n one can be replaced with one of the 1uF caps.

there’s alot of code examples in C:/pbp/samples, or in the microcode studio folder which should show up as soon as you click open in microcode studio


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