Best tools that Ive found for electronics

You all knew this was coming eventually, but here is a post about the most useful tools that Ive found for electronics.

1. Large size breadboard, found on ebay for 34 dollars and well worth it.

2. AASaver, takes 2 dead AA batteries and turns them into clean 5v or 3v output. I used to go through 3-4 9v batteries a month, and ever since I started using this, Ive had the same pair of batteries that my digital camera said were dead in it for the last 9 months.

3. Large spool of single strand telephone wire, found this in someone’s trash, but you can cut little pieces of it off and use it in a breadboard or for wiring everything up.

4. XMEGA Xprotolab, it works as an oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, and much more. It’s about the size of a large stamp, but the display is very clear and seems to work really well. Ive had mine for a few months now, and have only had one issue with it, everything Ive seen says it will only handle 3v inputs on logic analyzer function, so I just use a 3v zener diode and a 330 ohm resistor, just like in the raspberry pi GPIO pins post. No biggie 😛 Other than that, the thing works good, it’s fast can can handle up to Mhz speeds, which I just use it to see 38-40Khz for modulated IR, and seeing serial data to diagnose wireless connection issues.

as I think of the other things, Ill add them up to the list.


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