XMMS for the Raspberry Pi

XMMS has been rebuilt for armv6 with hard float support.
Complete list of packages related to xmms available in the same repository:

  • xmms-crossfade
  • xmmsctrl
  • xmms-curses
  • xmms-find
  • xmms-finespectrum
  • xmms-flac
  • xmms-goom
  • xmms-infinity
  • xmms-jess
  • xmms-mad
  • xmms-shell
  • xmms-stats
  • xmms-status-plugin
  • xmms-volnorm
  • xmms-wmdiscotux
  • xmms-skins-others

For developpers:

  • xmms-dev
  • libgtk1.2-common
  • libflac7
  • libglib1.2
  • libglib1.2-dev
  • libgtk1.2
  • libgtk1.2-dev

All these packages were built using debian archive source from Etch. The sources are unmodified. Some files relating to building have been modified (either due to quite old methods used which do not work with current tools or due to qemu known bugs)

To install run this as root:

echo “deb http://p.quinput.eu/debfarm unstable all” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/99quinput.list ; apt-get update; apt-get install xmms

The repository is here
Known bug: When you hit ‘D’ for double size, you will crash xmms. On restart, it will crash again (as it restores your settings). Simply erase the directory .xmms in your home directory. While it is probably trivial to fix, I do not intend to fix it.

How to use: As usual with xmms, after starting, select a proper output. For the pi, select ALSA.
The pops on the audio analog output can be suppressed by installing xmms-crossfade. Configure the plugin to use ALSA and apply other wanted settings.

Conclusion: It runs smoothly, even with some visuals.
Have fun!

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Papercraft Robots

I know I havnt posted in a while, and found these and figured I’d share them. I know a bunch of people would love to have thier own johnny 5 robot toy to sit on thier desks, but no real toys were made except the robot V, but I found something that’ll work in exchange. 😛

Here’s your own Johnny 5 robot using papercraft:


And those who are big fans of the movie “The Black Hole” growing up, here’s one for you too, your very own vincent:



and here’s the download link for the zip file since the link’s messed up: