Make LXDE look like gnome 2

Here is a little guide to making lxde look like gnome 2 because I for one cannot stand the look of the tiles everything operating systems, or the windows start menu look alike desktop, so I found a few mods for lxde to bring it as close to the good old gnome2 interface as we could get it.

First, right click on the panel at the bottom of the screen where everything is at and click “Panel Settings”. You’ll want to change the Edge option to Top so it puts it on the top of the screen, then you want to click the Appearance tab and select the option for system theme, and uncheck the “custom color checkbox”.

Then you’ll want to go to the Panel Applets tab and set the applets up like this:

spacer, Menu, Application Launch Bar, 3 Spacer Applets(click the checkbox in one so it fills the rest of the space up), Manage Networks, System Tray(Dont delete this!), Volume Control, and finally Digital clock.

then click on the edit button on the digital clock options, and in the Clock Format button, change the “%R” to “%r”, just changing the capital R to lowercase, this changes the clock from 24 hour time to 12 hour (AM/PM time),  then click ok on everything.

Then you’ll want the bottom bar, so right click on the bar at the top and click “Create New Panel”. Right click on the bottom bar and add the applets like this in this order.

Spacer(edit it to go 10 pixels), Minimise All Windows, Spacer(edit it to 10 pixels again), Task bar(Windows List) (click the checkbox on that one so it fills up the dock, and I added the Temperature Monitor as the last one to keep an eye on my temps at the bottom right of the screen out of the way.

Then finally, under preferences in the main menu, select “customize look and feel” and just select “Clearlooks”. Then go to mouse cursor and select the “Adwaita” set so the mouse didnt look like a broken hand when your clicking on things. 😛 I went to fonts and disabled anti-aliasing to give a little more speed, but that’s just something I did.

I decided to make lxde look like gnome2 rather than just setting up mate because of the speed and memory usage differences, lxde does run a good bit faster, but I liked the look of gnome2 interface.

I hope this helps some people out in some way.


5 Responses to Make LXDE look like gnome 2

  1. how bad does this slow down the system?

    • cae2100 says:

      it doesnt slow it down, it actually seems to speed it up just slightly if you turn off the antialiasing. I run this layout as default on my debian wheezy/lxde version so it’s easier for me to set everything up since I hate the old windows layout in linux. There isnt any difference in speed that Ive seen because all your doing is just moving stuff around and fixing a few hiccups that lxde had that I found.

  2. Juke Jackson says:

    A good basic setup, sir–and as you say, very light on system resources. Thanks!

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