My New Assistant

Well, I finally got an assistant for printing off stuff, and my little hobby projects, and so far, he’s pretty cool but doesn’t do much other than stand around. I’ve been working on getting him for the last week and finally yesterday, everything came together, and now I have my own assistant. 😛

I figured I’d post a pic of us working on a dremel saw stand:


I hope everything works out alright and the arrangement lasts for a while. 😛


Anyways, he’s a Mark II, which you can easily find him on thingiverse, and I know that the pieces didnt fit together all the way on mine, but he’s still pretty cool anyways. I just glued him with some high temperature hot glue, which fuses with the plastic and everything for a permanent bond.


4 Responses to My New Assistant

  1. Karen L says:

    So very COOL! I got your message and also a notice in my email that you had a new post.
    Next project is a female version? Maybe?
    Can robotics be added?

    • cae2100 says:

      no moving stuff, he’s just made to be standing around, but you can move him around however you want, but due to the joints not going together correctly, he isnt that easy to pose. Im sure there’s probably a female version on there too, but he ate up a ton of my filament and took around a week to print everything, so I probably wont make another version of him unless it’s a smaller one so it doesnt eat up all of my filament.

      btw, when was you coming over to play? 😛

  2. Karen L says:

    Well, since your little assistant has moved in with me, he has caused quite the stir with some guys from the nearby camp. They are very interested in how you made him and I gave them your blog address so now you have 3 more followers!

    • cae2100 says:

      😛 I try to post something at least once a month or more depending on if how much Ive learned and researched into something, also, Im planning on maybe making a female version too.

      her, if I can get some more filament ordered again sometime soon, but she’s on the lower end of the priority list due to wanting to finish the reprap.

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