Printrbot Jr KISSlicer settings and Comparison of slicers

ok, Ive been looking around at various slicer programs for slicing objects for use on 3d printers, and the best ones Ive found so far have been either Repetier-Host or KISSlicer, but each have thier own downfalls. Repetier-host needs .net framework (on windows) or mono (on linux), which I really dont like either in my computer.

Lately, Ive been looking at KISSlicer, and there was a large downfall that with poorly designed stl files, it doesnt slice it as a single object, but rather multiple parts. I found this is very annoying, but very recently, I discovered a hidden version of KISSlicer that actually does not have that issue, and will slice the objects as they are supposed to, and does as well or better than repetier-host.

KISSlicer is a stand alone program that you just run from a folder rather than installing it, but contains the .ini files in the same directory as the executable, which contains all of the settings for everything from filament size, to speeds, to setting temperatures. Ive found that KISSlicer runs on far more computers than just ones with graphic accelerators, and needs no external libraries to be installed beyond what’s installed by default in a normal operating system, so no extra baggage. Lighter memory cost on system + runs on almost everything is a definite win to me. 😛

Yesterday, I discovered a hidden version of KISSlicer called KISSlicer_submeshes, which is the version that handles the poorly designed stl files.

Here is a link to both windows and linux versions:;topic=489.0;attach=2003;topic=815.0;attach=2160

Ive also discovered something else about KISSlicer that repetier-host does not do. If you use a raspberry pi as a print server like I do, you’re probably used to pre heating the extruder to the right temperature before hitting print. KISSlicer actually contains some extra commands that tells the nozzle to get to the right temperature automatically, and will wait for it to get to that temperature. So everything is done automatically for you.

The quality between the two is a huge difference also, Repetier-host is a good one to get started with, where as KISSlicer seems to be a little more advanced, but once KISSlicer is set up and the configuration files are made, it’ll give alot better prints than with repetier-host.

It took me a while to figure out how to set up KISSlicer so it would have perfect prints, and the configuration files are a little difficult to understand at first. So I figured that I’d post my configuration files for everyone with a printrbot jr to use, to make it easier on those first getting into KISSlicer or for some reason cannot use repetier-host.

Well, here’s the configuration files:

Just extract those 4 files in the same folder as the KISSlicer executable/binary and run KISSlicer. Then all you need to do is just add your item, hit slice, and your good to go. There’s two modes for the styles, the normal mode, which is comparable to repetier-host at 0.4mm, but is slightly faster, and high quality mode, which has half the layer height at 0.2mm, and looks much cleaner, and better. The high quality mode also takes longer to print though, so just as a warning.

When your done slicing, you dont need to click save, it automatically saves the sliced object’s gcode in the same folder as the KISSlicer binary/executable.

Happy slicing and hope this helps.


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