Newest Projects

Hi, I havnt really posted anything in a while due to being busy with some new projects and tearing things apart that we find in the trash.

So far, Ive been building a small cnc machine and a reprap prusa mendel 3d printer. The cnc machine hasnt gotten very far other than collecting the rods and such for it, and two motors for it. The reprap on the other hand, Im stuck due to the fact that I dont have the motors, electronics, or the hot end to finish it, but I do have the frame and all plastic pieces already printed out and assembled.

Here’s a pic of the progress on the reprap:


the motor is just a weaker one that I found in an old inkjet printer ages ago, but looked good there for the time being, but Ill probably use it on my little cnc machine. Also, I ran out of filament, so just messing with fixing stuff atm. I keep researching into making a Lyman’s extruder, which turns plastic pieces of scrap or whatever and turns it into filament for the printers. I find tons of ABS plastic in the plastic covers and internals of most of the computer cases, and printers/scanners that we find in the trash nonstop, so it would be great to have one of those with some type of shredder.

The cnc machine, I plan on trying to make it out of an old flatbed scanner base since it had large 10mm smooth rods and brass bearings already there, so it was a good starting place. Ive been trying to research different electronics to put on it, but haven’t found something that suits my budget/needs yet.

The other thing Ive been working on is my little lemon trees and fixing xbox 360 consoles and kindle fire tablets. (they evidently couldnt solder the usb connector in very well, so it likes to just fall off and the tablets refuse to charge anymore.

Here’s an older pic of my baby trees and messy table: 😛


That’s what’s been going on so far, too many projects, not enough parts 😛