Makerfaire 2013 Part 1

Well, this year’s makerfaire was more awesome than last year’s, the only thing I didnt see there was the robots in the streets, like metro man and his bot, and the flying car from last year. I believe it was GM that had one last year.

This year tho, they had a ton more stuff there, and even more people there. There was alot more speakers and interesting people there than there was last year. I also got to meet Eben Upton, the head of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

I also got to show eben my netbook, so Im all happy about that, and I got to talk to the head troubleshooting and head of the company from printrbot and got it all sorted out, I just emailed them and it should all be worked out within a few days. 😀

Anyways, here’s what you’ve probably been waiting for, or at least part 1 of them, there’s too many pics for one post:

Here is my pics from my cell phone from this year.


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