Update 2

Well, makerfaire is over, and it was a complete blast this year. I found the Printrbot guys there also and got the broken board problem solved, which is a really good thing, and the little printer is finally fixed now. Im back onto working on my reprap prusa mendel I2, and was trying to design my own hot end for the thing, which is a chore in and of itself due to the fact that I dont have a lathe or know of someone with a machining shop.

As before, Im still adding mods to my playstation that I found in the trash, and I think it’s almost finally perfect for me. I used one of my PIC microcontrollers and created a mod chip for it, which was a bit easier than it sounds. I had tons of psx games, but most were scratched beyond belief from not being used and just tossed around for the last 3-4 years, so I can just use the rom sites to download copies of them and so I can play them again.

So Ive been doing that, and bogging down the internet connection getting copies of my psx games to play again, just had a little issue with a few games due to needing an anti mod chip patch so they’ll play.  Also just working on my prusa mendel, it seem to keep me busy most of the time, but may make another after this one’s made due to wanting one to be able to take around with me to different places, and not take up a bunch of space, which if I get it running good, I may just do that with my pbjr.

Nothing new, just got alot of questions answered at makerfaire that I was curious about, and alot of new ideas about how to do things. On the question I asked before about the ft232 usb-ttl chip and dropouts, I found out that it happens with all chips, and the best way to avoid that is have true isolated grounding, some printers use chips with built in usb stuff and that also helps too, but just keep an isolated ground, and give good connections for the chips, and everything will be fine.


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