FreeCAD Code update

well, a few days after posting that code below for freecad to kisslicer bridge, I started having people contact me on the freecad forums and an administrator on there also agreed, so I copied the code, slightly modified, to the freecad’s main wiki as part of the official wiki documents under the macro section. The link for it is here:

I hope eventually it can be added in as an option as part of the main program rather than just a script/macro. Ive also gotten messages on the forums from people saying that it works good with pyCAM, cura, slic3r, and a few other slicing software/cnc software.

As Ive said before, I use it on a daily basis, so I know it works good, but what the code does, you save your current design, then click the button for the macro/script, and it will open the object, as it looks in your design, up in your slicing/printing software, ready to print. So instead of having to export everything, then finding your slicing software and opening the exported stl file, it just does everything automatically and opens it up in your slicing software, directly from freecad itself while automatically exporting the stl file in the same folder as the design file, and opens up your slicing software automatically ready to slice/print.


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