Low Profile Printable Pibow

Well, I havnt really posted anything in a while due to the fact that Im not really much of a blogger type person, and that Ive been busy designing some ideas.

I made a case that was low profile for the raspberry pi B version, but it allows access to the GPIO pins and everything, just like as if you didnt have a case, so plates/shields fit on it perfectly and are still usable. I know you can access the GPIO on the normal raspberry pi B pibow version, but you need a cable, this one, you dont. This one is more for people who do the electronics and such, or just want a cool looking case.

here’s a pic, there’s more on my thingiverse page with the design files that you can just print out.




In the sources part, there’s a printable pibow, just print out parts 0-4 only, then print out my rpi5/rpi5_cam file, and it’ll fit all together just like the normal pibow cases, but my piece replaces part 5,6,7, and 8.

It’s the one I use now, and everyone loves the look of it, even more so than my other cases that Ive bought in the past.


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