Setting up the Raspberry Pi to be a PS3 streaming server (DLNA server)

A while back, I kinda wished that I could stream the stuff from my raspberry pi server, which had torrent server, octoprint (3d printer server), NAS server, server for standard printers(cups), and many other servers, to my playstation 3, but no matter what I tried, I couldnt get anything to work. I finally discovered that what most systems use to detect media servers like ps3 media server programs is called a DLNA protocol, then after a little research, I discovered that the raspberry pi has a version of DLNA that can run on it easily called minidlna.

just do:

 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get upgrade
 sudo apt-get install minidlna

Then edit the configuration file by typing this into the terminal:

 sudo nano /etc/minidlna.conf

you’ll see something like this:


at least starting with “media_dir”, just change the stuff after the = sign to where your files are that you want to stream.

You can also uncomment the line


to anything you want, and that is the name that will show up on the ps3/bluray players/media centers.

To get it to start up on boot, just run this command at the terminal:

sudo update-rc.d minidlna defaults

and reboot the raspberry pi. If you make any changes to the /etc/minidlna.conf file later on, you’ll have to have it update the library files manually. You do that by typing in this command into the terminal:

sudo service minidlna force-reload

After that, just start up your ps3, and within seconds, you should see a new icon under music, pictures, and movies that has the debian like logo. That will be the raspberry pi with all of your video files/music/pictures.

Ive also found that alot of bluray players and such that are hooked into the network, they’ll also have that same icon appear on them also with the same layout and everything as the ps3, and will be able to stream the media to them, assuming that the bluray players will actually support the said media in the first place.


4 Responses to Setting up the Raspberry Pi to be a PS3 streaming server (DLNA server)

  1. CLDavid says:

    Hi, your solution works for mkv and srt subtitles??
    thank you

    • cae2100 says:

      I believe so as long as the device that it’s streaming to understands what mkv files are. the srt files, Im not sure on really, but it might work, Ive honestly never tried it.

  2. cote14er says:

    I am having issues with the streaming quality of my videos off the hard drive. It appears that the Playstation is having a hard time playing VOB files. Should I convert them to something else? Is there a setting on the pi that will allow for faster transfer of the file so playback will not lag?

    • cae2100 says:

      Ive always used mp4 file format, or avi, and it worked fine from that. DVD files (vob files) are extremely large and your problem might be that they’re too large to transfer the amount of data over at one time to play smoothly due to the large video format size. The raspberry pi can only do up to 100Mb/s data transfer rates, or 54Mb/s if your using the ps3/rpi on wireless, which will cause all kinds of issues with large files like that.

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