PS2 IR Codes

I was trying to find the IR codes for the PS2 dvd remote control, but after a little research, I found these.

X – 0x7AB5B
O – 0xBAB5B
triangle – 0x3AB5B
square – 0xFAB5B
up – 0x9EB5B
down – 0x5EB92
left – 0xDEB92
right – 0x3EB92
L1 – 0x5AB92
L2 – 0x1AB5B
L3 – 0x8AB5B
R1 – 0xDAB5B
R2 – 0x9AB5B
R3 – 0x4AB5B
start – 0xCAB5B
select – 0xAB5B

DVD remote commands

Play – 0x4CB92
Pause – 0x9CB92
Stop – 0x1CB92

The codes are 20 bit sony codes, so can be used with the arduino IRlibrary by this command:

irsend.sendSony(0xXXXXX, 20);

The codes need to be sent twice with a 10ms pause in between the commands.

Hopefully this will help whoever to do what they want with thier projects. I thought about using this with an old psx gamepad and using a atmega328 and battery to make it wireless through IR for the ps2 since they dont have the joysticks anyhow.


2 Responses to PS2 IR Codes

  1. kelvin henrique de brito says:

    whats the code for turn on/off the ps2 ??

    • cae2100 says:

      I honestly have no idea. I didnt even realize that you could turn the ps2 on and off with the IR remote until I just looked it up. Sorry it isnt any help, but I just dont know and havnt messed with this stuff in forever.

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