Projects update

Well, I havnt really posted anything in a while due to being busy and such, so here’s an update.

The reprap prusa is finished, and runs really great, it actually runs better than my little printer alot of the time and gives better prints, but also pulls more power due to the heated bed. For now, I just have it unplugged and am using the old printer to print out parts for my cnc machine that Im making.

Im also making an aluminum forge which will be essential in making the cnc machine due to wanting metal mounting parts for high strength and reliability. Also due to the low payout for aluminum atm with recycling, it’ll be alot better to make my own parts that I need custom, and alot cheaper since I have alot of old computers, which the heatsinks, harddrive bottoms, platters, and a bunch of other stuff in them are all made with solid aluminum.

The cnc design that Im making is of my own design of printed parts, which Ill cast to aluminum, and 2×4 boards that I have on hand. after I get everything built, Ill try to upload it to thingiverse as usual. The design should be around 15x15x6 cutting area, and I kinda wanted it to cut stuff like thin wood, or acrylic (plexiglass) if I can. after the z axis is built, Ill try to find some way to make it into a quick release setup, and have it interchangable with a bluray laser assembly, which will be good for engraving pictures and cutting light wood or plastic also. (that’s the plan anyways, who knows if it’ll really work :P) The electronics are a custom board running polulu drivers attached to nema17 motors for x/y/z axis, and will contain an onboard gcode parser called grbl.

Im not really sure what Ill do with the cnc machine tbh, maybe use it as a cnc carver/engraver, I think that’s what they’re called, where you put a piece of wood on the bed and it cuts 3d pics out of it and such.

My old laptop also died, so made a new one out of junk and such from the trash like the last one, I redid mint linux mate and finally abandoned ubuntu due to it being slower and none of the stuff I was trying to get working would run without having to fight with it.


6 Responses to Projects update

  1. Karen Lewis says:

    How difficult would it be to create a laser printer/engraver?

    When you were here last, I forgot to tell you I have someone interested in you doing some 3D printing for him. He left his name and number so email me back and I will give it to you.

    • cae2100 says:

      laser engraver shouldnt be that hard at all tbh, you only have 2 axies, x and y, then the laser assembly. The software will probably be something like inkscape, which is a piece of cake to use.

      Ill try calling over tomorrow if I can find your phone number, see what the guy needs made.

      Usually, if I print stuff for other people, I need to know how big it is, how much infill do they want (how solid do they want), and what format that they have thier designs, I generally prefer STL format.

      • Karen Lewis says:

        Do you suppose we could try to make one with some of the parts from my older computers that I want to toss? I think it would be fun to try! I would love to be able to make some metal and leather tags with my personal logo to attach to some of the designer purses that I make. It would make them look really professional.
        Let me know what parts you would need to buy and what other materials you’ll need that I might have sitting around.

      • cae2100 says:

        yea, we can try, come out some time and Ill see what extra parts I have left over and see what all we need.

        I know we would need an axion module for the laser, but the rest, I might have sitting around here. The best souce of parts is actually old inkjet printers tbh, the older they are, the better the parts that come from them. how big would you want it to be?

        As soon as my forge is finished, Ill be able to make custom heatsinks and such for the laser module and such, so alot of the parts will be able to be made at the house here. Im not sure how well the laser would work on metal due to it being shiny, but if calibrated and done up right, you might be able to do something with a blueray laser, or dvd burner laser if pushed hard enough. Bluray lasers would work best imo.

        For the parts, you’d probably want something like an arduino, which I can make easily if I can get some more atmega328p chips and crystals, which Ill be ordering a handful of crystals later this week sometime. I should have some mxl belts from inkjet printers around here that was left over from the 3d printer, and they seem to work pretty well as long as the stuff has enough tension, same with smooth rods and such. the rest, we should be able to just print out and figure out as we go along.

      • Karen L says:

        Too bad I gave an inkjet printer to Goodwill last year or we could have used that.
        I would love to be able to come over and play but I just don’t have anyone here that can take my place so I can leave. Do you want to set up a shop here? You could do that if you want. We have pretty much every tool you would need. I just don’t have the electronic stuff. You would need to load that up in a crate and bring it.
        Anyway, I think it would be fun and I could learn something new.

      • cae2100 says:

        it would be fun, but I dont have any way to get over there, I think the only real thing we’d have to pick up is a laser module, and maybe some smooth rods since we dont have any extra junk printers atm I dont think.

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