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My new foundry furnace progress

Since my little furnace burned up and died, I decided to go back and start working on my original one that I planned on from the start, but never actually got past basic welding and such on the thing. I got a little free time and went back to working on it again, and this is what it looks like so far. Im also building an air compressor at the same time out of an old air conditioner compressor and an old freon tank or empty propane tank, but that’s later on down the road.

Here’s some pics:

Photo0747 Photo0748 Photo0745 Photo0743 Photo0742 Photo0741 Photo0740


The foundry is made from mainly all junk we had laying around, and what I could source locally. It is far from complete, but it has a good start on it. I used clay/playsand/concrete lining that I used in my original furnace, which worked well for over 30+ melts and many many hours of running at around 2000 degrees. Due to it’s large size, Im abandoning the use of charcoal and going for waste oil burner since people around here just keeps tossing it out faster than I’d even be able to use it.  So I’d have pretty much an unlimited source of fuel for the thing forever, and with thanksgiving coming up, lots of people will be doing turkeys and such, so tons of gallons of peanut oil and such for my projects.

The old furnace lining died due to being scraped out during loading coal/charcoal into the furnace, and the coal turning into the black glass that you usually run into. You dont run into that with the waste oil burner setups, and I coated the thing in grey chimney sweep cement, rated at 3000 degrees, so it should last for a long time. I still need to get the fittings, pressure regulators, some various compression fittings for the oil and air, then hook it all up and put it all together. Also still need to find some type of blower, but not having much luck in that area, may just use an old hair dryer.

The wheels are from an old garbage tote that was supposed to have been crushed, but we stole the wheels from it since the tote was junk. The fuel tank is from a small fire extinguisher, (can you see the irony?) it is all done in 1/4 NPT brass fittings and copper tube except the fuel line, which is poly tubing. I went for poly tubing bc it’s what I had laying around from a kit that I got for the 3d printer stuff, but the tubing was the wrong sizes, but works perfect for this. Also with the poly tubing, its clear, so you can see if the fuel/oil is flowing through the stuff and into the furnace.

The atomizer setup in the thing is based off of the kwiky all fuel burner, so you can run diesel, kerrosine, engine oil, vegetable oil from resturants, old cooking oil like peanut oil and such, whatever you have laying around. The compressor will probably be used for that due to being a little cheaper to run than a commercial air conditioner, and alot quieter to be around.

The air compressor will be made from the AC freon compressor pump, empty propane tank, and various fittings, and will be very silent compared to normal air compressors. Most people used to use them for airbrushing setups, like the hobby airbrushing setups. It kinda sucks to be stuck near a very loud compressor for hours on end while airbrushing stuff, so they used to make these and it’s no louder than someone talking at loudest.

Here’s a video of the compressor unit all wired up and running:

Ill keep adding updates on things as I work on the stuff.