vegetable oil vs engine oil for foundry furnace

Used MOTOR oil Used COOKING oil
Motor oil is a petroleum product and can pollute the atmosphere with carbon dioxide possibly adding to global warming Cooking oil is “carbon neutral” meaning that it releases no more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the plants it’s made from absorb as they grow. Balance is maintained.
Motor oil is toxic and can seriously pollute land and water if spilled on or in it. Cooking oil is edible and biodegradable. While it should not be poured out carelessly it will not destroy the environment.
Used motor oil is easier to ignite (possibly because it may contain some gasoline) and produces a little more heat when burning. Used cooking oil is harder to ignite and keep burning. It also produces slightly less heat when burned.
Used motor oil is considered a toxic waste by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so if you spill it while collecting it you could be held liable legally for cleanup costs. Used cooking oil is not regulated as a toxic waste.
Smoke from used motor oil smells like a poorly running truck or other vehicle and could cause cancer with enough exposure. But can’t ANY smoke cause it? Cigarette smoke does also… Smoke from used cooking oil usually smells like a barbecue grill in the outdoor air. But should not be inhaled regularly.
Used motor oil can be stored for months maybe years without problems. Used cooking oil is organic and if stored too long it can become rancid and fungi can begin growing in it.
When it comes to waste oil as a fuel there is little difference between motor oil and cooking oil. The results are about the same. The toxicity of used motor oil and the renewable energy aspects of cooking oil are the only major issues. So make your own decision.
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2 Responses to vegetable oil vs engine oil for foundry furnace

  1. Karen L says:

    Interesting read.

    As a side note: I can’t get the internet connection set up on the new Linux install. I’ve looked online for instructions, but can’t find how my settings look compared to those online. So when you guys come over to get the mowers, maybe you can get me set up and show me what I’m doing wrong.

    • cae2100 says:

      ok, if you just go to the network icon at the top, it should just show the available wireless networks, just click on one and type in the password if there is any. That’s all there really is with that OS. Also the whole OS is custom so you wont find many tutorials that will work on there unless it’s for installing stuff and such.

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