HHO torch

After finishing up my large foundry/blast furnace, I put it away for the winter due to it being too damp/rainy all the time here, and went onto new projects. The newest addition is a little HHO torch that Ive been working on for the last month or two, which is just a little cutting/brazing/welding torch that runs off of water and a computer power supply/car battery. As soon as I get some PVC pipes and such to make a case for it and bubbler that doesnt leak like a swiss cheese garden hose, Ill try to build a nice case and such for the generator/reactor so everything looks really nice.

You might remember a while back, the “run your car on water scams”, well, I can see there being alot of reasons why that wont work, and honestly, I couldnt give a crap if it worked or not, I dont drive. The car part might or might not work, but the reactor/fuel cell itself, it does work fairly well at breaking apart the water and creating the gasses with it using electrolysis. If the cell is built correctly and use a custom PWM circuit to drive it, it actually does work pretty well. Here’s a pic of my cell and bubbler attached so far.


It’s not the prettiest thing, and I didnt have the nuts attached to the top of the thing in the picture. I had them off to try to fix a little hiccup with the cell, they’re just there to press down on the lid and rubber gasket to create an airtight seal on the container so no gasses or water leak out. I think Im getting around 1-2 litres per minute, but not entirely sure atm, need to create a flash port for the thing, then I can really test it out.

I need to find some bronze wool, and have looked everywhere around here so will probably have to order the stuff online off of ebay or something. The bronze wool, you pack it into little filter things in your gas line, and in your torch, so if the flame goes back into the gas lines, the bronze wool just slows down the flame and cools it down to the point that it just goes out almost instantly, so the flame doesnt actually go any further into the gas line. It just stops the flame in it’s tracks more or less.

The way the reactor works, it sends current through the water between the plates, which causes the molecules of water to split apart and become thier basic elements, hydrogen and oxygen gasses, which are very flammable, so you can use them to power a little torch or whatever. The cool thing is, if you use it for a torch, it’ll heat up metal and melt/weld/braze all kinds of stuff, but if you put the tip at a steep angle, where the flame is just blowing across the metal, you’ll see water vapor actually showing up and condensing on the metal.

The torch I was making, it’s made of some 1/2 inch copper pipe that I found, some pipe fittings, a little brass air regulator, some various air fittings, a mig tip, and a brass quick disconnect that I modified. I dont have any pictures of it yet, mainly because it’s far from being finished bc I need the bronze wool to finish it, and the other parts, but it is slowly coming together. I tried putting the mig tip in the tube coming from the reactor and it does put out a good amount of gas with an 030 in/0.8mm mig tip which you can feel around 2 inches away from the tip still, so I might hammer it down a little to make it a little smaller of a hole so I get everything just right so it just works how it needs to be so it works perfectly.

That’s about it for the HHO torch stuff.


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