Updates/harbor freight 90 amp flux core welder review

Well, the furnace is put away for winter due to it being so cold/rainy/damp out all of the time, and the sand is frozen almost solid, so you cant really cast anything atm. I finally got a little welder, a little 90 amp flux core welder from harbor freight. It’s actually a really nice welder, but there’s two things Ive noticed so far with it, one, the hose tends to want to droop down where it’s coming out of the welder itself, so it tends to bind the stuff and it causes it to jam a little bit, just put a piece of angle iron or something under it to prop it up, and your good to go. Second, the wire that comes with it, it really sucks, it spatters alot everywhere and doesnt want to stick to stuff for crap, normal stuff, there’s alot less to no spatter usually, and it sticks really well, so less waste trying to create large pools to get stuff to weld together.

I was needing a perfect blower for my furnace, but everything I found was either too underpowered, or too overpowered, which would not create enough air, or creates too much air and about blew out the flames inside of the furnace. After looking around, I found this little 12v wet/dry shopvac that you plug into your cigarette lighter, and I took it home and modified it a little by removing the sock that acts as a filter, so it could get more airflow, and added a pwm controller to it that I use to control the speed of the thing very precisely, so I can control the airflow perfectly to where I need it, and since it’s 12v, I just run it from an old lawnmower battery that I found laying around. The pwm circuit drops the current draw alot, so even after running the little shopvac for hours testing various things, it didnt drain the battery even the slightest.

The newest endeavour is a little water torch/HHO torch that I plan on using to weld stuff together and braze stuff that the mig welder is just overkill for. I managed to collect all of the parts needed including the stainless steel plates and such, but still am having issues with leaking and such, so I will probably take all of the containers and such and toss them, and put everything in pvc pipes with screw on endcaps so everything is more secure.


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