Water Torch update

I finally semi-finished my water torch, the flame isnt really that big but it works really well for the concept. I say semi-finished because I plan on getting alot more stainless steel pieces to fill the reactor with, then instead of 7 plates, I plan on having like 30 plates to create the gas, which will give a normal sized micro torch flame.

So far, the flame is a little difficult to start until it is heated up and running for 30 secs to a minute, but after it is started, it runs great and Ive used it to weld a few things together already and to silver braze some steel tubing to copper tubing, which it works great for that. The flame in the video below is really small, but still melts steel wire down like nothing, the flame is around 4x as big now due to the plates getting conditioned, and the pwm getting set correctly.

Anyways, here’s the pics and a video:

Photo0813 Photo0815 Photo0816

The frame is made from some angle iron that I welded together, a computer power supply, a water filter that I cut all of the internals out so it was just a hollow container, and plugged the inlet hole in that, and some pvc pipes that are glued together with homemade flash ports in case there’s a backfire in the torch and it gets back into the lines and back to the bubblers. The threads on the flash ports are wrapped in ptfe tape so they can be screwed in and unscrewed without them getting stuck together, so you can use them as fill ports also to refill the water inside of the bubblers and such. When the water in the reactor gets low, I just take the torch and blow really hard into it, which sends alot of the water from the one bubbler into the reactor, filling it back up, then you just have to refill the end bubbler.

Here’s a video of when I first finished it and before anything was conditioned or before the pwm controller was tweaked.