Spin Indexer Plate Calculator (python)

I did up this program to calculate out the amount of divisions that a spin indexer could do, and calculate out the degrees that each needs. I designed it because If you have custom plates, you’ll get different values for everything, and this program will calculate everything out for you, with the degrees needed to achieve each division. Just change num to whatever you want to get the divisions and list of degrees to get those numbers.

num = 360

for i in range(1, num + 1):
    if num % i == 0:
        print'\n', i, '\n'
        while True:
          if j==num:

If you dont want to mess with it, and only want the 360 degrees printout, I have it here:


I had mine start at 0 and removed the 360 to make it easier for my indexer.


Rhodes Shaper Vise clone

I recently had gotten an old 7 inch rhodes shaper/slotter combo, but never had a vise on it, so for now, ive been using a drill press vise to machine my castings down, but it has it’s limits. So I searched around and tracked down a set of blueprints off of the original shaper vise that came on the shaper, so I made a pattern, and cast a new one out.

Ive only machined the swivel base so far and the jaw roughed out, but dont have any pictures of the jaw, and was just going to machine the vise body itself on the shaper to get it dead true to the machine once it’s all assembled and in use.

Soule Steam Festival Day2

Soule Steam Festival Day1

Neva-Clog Model S100 Stapling Pliers

American Stationer

neva clog s100 stapler sm wm

Arguably one of the most successful stapler designs ever, today’s vintage item is the Neva-Clog model S100 plier stapler. Billed throughout the 1930’s as the “first successful portable fastening device ever made”, the model S100 was an extremely high-quality fastener that was widely used in many industries and not just in an office setting. There are many examples of these being used in shops, farms, leather-working, florists, shipping rooms and such which showcases their utility and durability.

The model S100 measures 7.125″ L x 0.875″ W x 4″ H and weighs 10 ounces empty. It is made of polished steel with not a speck of plastic anywhere to be found. It uses special-sized A1000 or L1000 Neva-Clog staples.

A1000 Staples sm wm front and rear views of box of A1000 staples

The S100 was one of the successors to the model 100 which was made from approximately 1926 until 1936. The model 100 was…

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