Shaper Vise Clone update

After machining the parts and slowly piecing them together, I finally started to assemble the vise, machined it up up as a whole on the shaper, and cut the slot in it for the nut, It needs a little more cleanup work but as soon as the nut and everything are put together and finished, the vise should be ready to be fitted with some steel jaws and used.

The shaper leaves a mirror smooth finish on the cast aluminum parts, and is smooth as glass.

If you look at the wrench sitting on the vise body, you can see the reflection of the wrench in it, thats how it comes right off of the machine. As slow as people say the shaper is, I find that it has it’s slow moments, but usually I can do parts on it faster than I can do on a bridgeport, and defenitely comes in its primeĀ  when doing the odd jobs like custom profile grooves and such. Just grind a blank piece of HSS bit, and your good to go rather than having to send out for a custom cutter, which will get quite expensive, very fast.


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