Shaper vise clone and shaper restoration finish

Well, the shaper is finished as is the vise, everything is mounted together and all that is needed is just to make a pair of replaceable steel jaws for the vise, and it’s ready to be used full time again.

Most of the machine itself was done on the shaper to clean up all of the castings, and a few modifications were made to the patterns to make them easier to cast and less work for machining.

The leadscrew and front nut were welded together and while still orange hot, I forged the welds into a dome shape to match the original profile of the original vise. The leadscrew nut was made out of some brass sprues that I had left over from casting some things from brass in the foundry.

Here’s everything all together:

The jaw can be rotated and locked to handle any angle of objects and compltely turned around to hold round objects like having a vertical V block built right into your vise, which is extremely handy for alot of the projects I plan on doing.

The paint looks extremely glossy, but with a little oil on it and a bit of use, the shine will go away pretty quickly.


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