Steam Engine Update

After much deliberation and driving myself nuts about the amount of steam needed to run a dual cylinder design, and trying to figure out how to make a mold for the O&S, I decided that I would just take a bunch of designs and piece them all together into a single design. I am going with a 3″ bore, 2 1/2″ stroke (faster engine but slightly less torque), and I decided not to do the box frame. I figured if Im going to make the engine, Im going to make it completely how I want it, and give me a good size and everything for building the O&S. I made it into an oversquare engine mainly due to a slight miscalculation in the patterns, but it works out better this way anyhow.

The part on the corebox is a pattern for the piston, which will be turned down to 1/2″ thick, that should easily give me enough room for two piston rings. I added a ruler next to the base pattern to show the size of it.