Restoring Youtube to old layout

Ive seen alot of creative ways that people have tried to get youtube to revert back to the old layout, but the easiest way is just to set the setting in the cookies to make it think it’s still set to the old layout. This is handy in case you delete your cookies and it sets it to the new layout for youtube.

This is the guide for firefox, but if you can gain access to the cookie data in chrome, it should work just the same, just editing the cookie value. Here’s how I do it.

First, go to tools, web developer, and toggle tools.

Screenshot at 2018-08-17 08-26-08

Go to the storage tab and look for cookies:

Screenshot at 2018-08-17 08-26-35

You’ll need to find the PREF name and look for the value there:

Screenshot at 2018-08-17 08-26-57Screenshot at 2018-08-17 07-28-49Look for “f6=xxxxx” and double click on the value to change the xxxx in it to “c1008” without quotes. If f6=xxxx doesnt exist, just add it in with a “&” symbol before it, like “&f6=c1008”. From there, just press enter and refresh the youtube page. You should be set from then on until youtube changes this again, or until the cookies expire.

If you cant read the value, it may be easier to copy it all, drop it into a text editor to read it there, then paste it back into the value box.

Hopefully this helps someone, Ive tried it on multiple systems, and it’s worked every single time.


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