Update 2

Well, makerfaire is over, and it was a complete blast this year. I found the Printrbot guys there also and got the broken board problem solved, which is a really good thing, and the little printer is finally fixed now. Im back onto working on my reprap prusa mendel I2, and was trying to design my own hot end for the thing, which is a chore in and of itself due to the fact that I dont have a lathe or know of someone with a machining shop.

As before, Im still adding mods to my playstation that I found in the trash, and I think it’s almost finally perfect for me. I used one of my PIC microcontrollers and created a mod chip for it, which was a bit easier than it sounds. I had tons of psx games, but most were scratched beyond belief from not being used and just tossed around for the last 3-4 years, so I can just use the rom sites to download copies of them and so I can play them again.

So Ive been doing that, and bogging down the internet connection getting copies of my psx games to play again, just had a little issue with a few games due to needing an anti mod chip patch so they’ll play.  Also just working on my prusa mendel, it seem to keep me busy most of the time, but may make another after this one’s made due to wanting one to be able to take around with me to different places, and not take up a bunch of space, which if I get it running good, I may just do that with my pbjr.

Nothing new, just got alot of questions answered at makerfaire that I was curious about, and alot of new ideas about how to do things. On the question I asked before about the ft232 usb-ttl chip and dropouts, I found out that it happens with all chips, and the best way to avoid that is have true isolated grounding, some printers use chips with built in usb stuff and that also helps too, but just keep an isolated ground, and give good connections for the chips, and everything will be fine.


Makerfaire 2013 part 3

These pics were taken by the digital camera:

Makerfaire 2013 part 2

Here’s part 2 of the pics from my cell phone:



Makerfaire 2013 Part 1

Well, this year’s makerfaire was more awesome than last year’s, the only thing I didnt see there was the robots in the streets, like metro man and his bot, and the flying car from last year. I believe it was GM that had one last year.

This year tho, they had a ton more stuff there, and even more people there. There was alot more speakers and interesting people there than there was last year. I also got to meet Eben Upton, the head of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. http://www.raspberrypi.org

I also got to show eben my netbook, so Im all happy about that, and I got to talk to the head troubleshooting and head of the company from printrbot and got it all sorted out, I just emailed them and it should all be worked out within a few days. 😀

Anyways, here’s what you’ve probably been waiting for, or at least part 1 of them, there’s too many pics for one post:

Here is my pics from my cell phone from this year.


Well, tomorrow we leave for world makerfaire in new york. I havnt really posted much lately due to the fact that Ive been working on my new printer because of the printrbot jr’s printrboard (controller board) died. Ive been trying to get ahold of someone at printrbot to see if I can get a replacement, but so far, I havnt been able to get ahold of anyone through support tickets, or through private messages on the forums. I also tried contacting the head of printrbot on twitter because most people have said they had better luck of getting a response back from them on there, but it seemed like he just ignored the question. Maybe Im not sending the messages right or something on there, but it’s always worked with everyone else Ive ever tried it with. It’s waay too much of an expensive part to have to just toss the old one and get a new one when it’s not very old at all. (around 130-140 dollars for the board)

So Im just trying to figure out how to get the printrbot jr up and running again, and hoping I can get ahold of them to see if I can just get a replacement. Ive heard that thier warantee stuff is really good if you need something replaced, but I guess just getting ahold of them is the hardest part.

Ive decided not to go with the printrboard, sanguino, or ramps for my new printer, and instead, go for a gen7 board because of multiple reasons. Mainly, I just wanted to build the whole printer from scratch excluding the motors and maybe hotend, and I wanted to be able to really really customize the firmware and hardware myself for everything.

Ive decided on the gen7 1.4.1 rather than the 1.5 due to the fact that 1.5 has the usb chip built in, and eventually I want to do away with the usb chip entirely and use a level translator to convert the 3v signals to 5v and vise versa for hooking it directly up to the serial port on the raspberry pi, and just build the raspberry pi into the printer itself so it would have an all in one printer that I can just take with me and not have to worry about plugging in a bunch of power cords to get it to run. Just run the 5v from a pc power supply, and that’s all you need.

Like I said before, makerfaire is in two days, and Im already packed and ready to go, and will upload alot of pics from there. I saw that this year, eben upton from raspberry pi foundation will be there also showing off some of thier new hardware, and Im hoping that I’ll be able to get a pic or two with him also. Who knows, maybe Ill be able to show off that little hacked netbook running as a raspberry pi also 😛

Im hoping that the printrbot guys will be up there and see if I can just talk directly to them to get all of this sorted out. It’s been around a week since I sent in the support tickets and still havnt gotten a reply or anything from anyone, so maybe Ill just be able to ask up there. There’s still a good amount of parts needed to be printed out for my prusa, and cant, also I have a few other people wanting stuff printed also, so need to get it up and running asap.

Also, if anyone reads this site and knows the answer to this question, I’ll ask it here:

Ive seen people saying that they get disconnects using the ft232 chips and 3d printers due to the latency, but I also see other people using attiny chips or other usb-ttl converter chips, and I was wondering if the other chips have that issue, or if it’s just ft232 related. I only ask because for testing everything and getting everything set up, I wanted to use a pl2303x based converter that Im planning on making from an old dialup modem that I tore apart ages ago. Always better to repurpose something than toss it if you know you can use it for something. 😛