Making Pepakura work on linux/wine

After needing pepakura designer to unfold some 3d models I had so I could make them for a project and finding out that it wouldnt run on linux/wine for anything, I started tinkering around and discovered that by default, wine doesnt have opengl32.dll registered inside of wine dll registry.

If you go into the settings for wine, the wine configuration tool, then in the dropdown box, type in “opengl32.dll” without quotation marks, then click ok, pepakura designer and all software needing opengl graphics will work flawlessly without any errors or anything.

I figured I would post this since this seems to be an almost unsolvable problem between linux/wine users and pepakura software users.

Edit: After discussing this with a few people, Ive discovered that the issue hasnt gone away with a clean install, here is another opengl32.dll file to add to the one in wine’s windows/system32 folder, just add that in, add opengl32.dll to the libraries under wine’s configuration program, and set your windows version to windows vista in wine’s configuration while your already there.

It should work fine after that.


Papercraft Robots

I know I havnt posted in a while, and found these and figured I’d share them. I know a bunch of people would love to have thier own johnny 5 robot toy to sit on thier desks, but no real toys were made except the robot V, but I found something that’ll work in exchange. 😛

Here’s your own Johnny 5 robot using papercraft:

And those who are big fans of the movie “The Black Hole” growing up, here’s one for you too, your very own vincent:

and here’s the download link for the zip file since the link’s messed up: